Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rahma On the Runway

It has been a long time readers and I have truly missed documenting the essential moments of Modern Majesty. I recently was asked to be part of a fashion showcase by an amazing organization called RAHMA.

There are many organizations mainstream that address HIV/AIDS but RAHMA is rare because it's focus is on the Muslim community and the main goal is to eliminate stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is a topic that most of the Muslim community shy away from and only a small group of people talk about it openly in the Muslim community. Fact is that there are HIV+ Muslims living amongst us and RAHMA is dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating safe spaces for all who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Also RAHMA has a very solid education program that invites the youth to learn about getting tested, practicing safe sex and initially providing a step by step program for everyone who is open to learn.

It has been such a pleasure in working side by side with RAHMA, allowing us to really understand HIV/AIDS as well as understanding the stories shared by HIV & AIDS victims. Judgment is the killing factor in our society. so please get to know RAHMA on

The Modern Majesty team had a styling showcase feature at the "RAHMA RUNWAY show". Below are pictures of the fabulous looks, turbans and smiles that we donated to the cause. We really would like to thank RAHMA for considering us. We styled beautiful women who really brought our looks to life. It was nothing but a pleasure that entire night.


Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ramadhan KAREEM

Hello beautiful people,

So we have God willingly reached the Islamic Holy Month "Ramadhan", So I would like to wish EVERYONE a Happy Ramadhan from Modern Majesty. I hope we all strive to meditate, worship and form great habits that will last us a lifetime. Ramadhan is broken up in 3 parts, Allahs (GOD) RAHMAH (MERCY), FORGIVENESS AND FREEDOM from your sins, But before I completely ZONE out for this holy month I wanted to share a couple of things.

This is the time to really let go and I mean 100%, we all hold onto something every time something bad happens to us, we are always searching for the justice or even explanation of why bad things or bad people are in our lives. I'm LEARNING to humble myself and realize that Allah (GOD) does not inflict any pain or suffering on his people, instead I am being tested in my belief in him, In belief that justice will come FROM ONLY HIM and that there is something I gained from every experience. But this month is the time we seek forgiveness from our lord, but first we must learn to forgive...

Fighting Smart
This is probably my favourite, So yesterday I heard a story about how the Prophet Muhammed (PeaceBlessingsBeUponHim)was sitting next to his fellow companion Abu Bakr (RA) when a man approached Abu Bakr (RA) and started screaming and saying hurtful things to Abu Bakr (RA). Abu Bakr remained silent due to his respect for the prophet, the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) broke out into the biggest smile at his silence, finally Abu Bakr (RA) responded to the man and at that moment the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) got up and walked away, Abu Bakr (RA) shocked followed the Prophet (PBUH) and asked why he was smiling when he was silent and why he left once he defended himself, he responded "When you were silent the angels were responding to the man on your behalf but when you responded they left and the Shaytaan (Satan) came and I did not want to be around the Shaytaan. There is such a great reward in doing things in a better manner, there's always a better way.

life has the tendency to make us rush, this is the month to SLOW down, think things through, let someone go in front of you in a really long line. Lets not allow our impatience to stand in our way, we are seeking blessings. EVERYTHING else comes second. LETS take care driving and not cutting people off. Lets break these bad habits, we all have them.

There are certain books I own, that I believe every woman should have this upcoming Ramadan, and that I plan to read them again inshaALLAH.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Review on Urban Modesty! IOT ParTEA

Salaams Fellow Flowers,

It has been a while since I posted anything on my blog, I have been super busy & I need to sit down this following week and play catchup. Anyways I was fortunate to attend one of my sister friend ParTEA the previous weekend, we all had a wonderful time and enjoyed amazing food prepared by Isata Koroma.
Isata Koroma throws it down and she also prepares different deserts/cakes/cupcakes etc for mothers day, fathers day, birthdays, she is passionate, driven and elaborate & you will not be disappointed. Her Instagram is iceyyoutwigguh please follow and support her.

so the dress code was to be regal QUEENS attending a Garden ParTEA. I Wore my Urban Modesty dress which I honestly LOVED, It was sooo comfortable and easy to accessories(

What I loved about my Urban Modesty Dress (

1) No layering, I hate layering especially when the weather in warmer, with their dresses you do not need to worry about that.

2) For the price of the dress, It really looked regal and expensive, had pleated details that brought the dress to life.

3) Now that we are present in summers bliss, the colour was just  phenomenal, vibrant and powerful, it was defiantly a statement dress.

4) Quality over everything and the dress did not hug onto my figure, it was all just flare and flow


Thursday, April 24, 2014


This is the one trend that refuses to fade away, it is our super keen friend in fashion. Victoria Beckham runway pieces only confirmed why it may be my favorite trend, it is so easy and affordable to pull off.
Spring has arrived and I keep gravitating to the whites in my wardrobe. I have always stated that white and black can be worn throughout the year, and TOGETHER they can debut fresh fashion forward ideas in the fashion/style industry. Throughout the years we have seen Monochromatic outfits make history, as they possess a certain elegance that has taken over fashion, pop culture and much more.

Marc Jacob & Giles alongside other designers have taken a admiration to stripes, poka dots and infusing those patterns with black and white. Entering department stores like Zara, H&M, Marshalls, Riverisland and Topshop you can find great monochromatic pieces for a steal price and you are sure to find comfort that they will come back in style over and over again.

As many of us have witnessed the new revamped Monochromatic ideas from old sixties to fresh fun 2014 masterpieces. Pattern play, geometrics and amazing craftsmanship have been done by some of the greatest designers like Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham and Celine, its almost the breath of fresh air in 2014 spring fashion. 

One of the reasons why I love playing with Monochromatic pieces is because it is easily accessible to all of us who don’t have a lot of money, it is flattering on the body and it can be a conservative work outfit that can evolve with a pair of heels and clutch for an evening outfit. IT IS UNSTOPPABLE and for those that love colour, add a bright clutch or shoes and let it fuse with the monochrome outfit for a more vibrant option.  

So have you added the sleek, sophisticated look into your life? and if not remember that Monochrome outfits are here to stay, so experiment and enjoy the play of pattern, fabric on black and white.
So for ideas on clean put together outfit I am going to introduce you to some of the Monochromatic outfits that I have been showcasing in the last month.
Outfit 1)
Trousers: Forever21
Hijab: Modern Majesty
 Outfit 2)
Top: Vintage
Trousers: Burlington
Shoes: Zara
Hijab: Modern Majesty
Outfit 3)
Hijab: Modern Majesty

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Designer Showcase: A Fashionista Networking Event

Salaam Alaikum/Peace & Love,

I pray this reaches you all in the best of times god willing.

This past weekend I was fortunate to attend the Fashionista Networking Event hosted by Seema Sahin (Designer of Modern Mary), Farah Khan (Blogger at Greater lengths) and Hakeemah Cummings (Designer for CMB) on the 28th of March, 2014. This event was a chance to turn lemons into lemonade for our sister Fleuri Paramita, who travelled 28 hours to the U.S. from Indonesia to showcase her designs at the Islamic Modern Fashion Week event. Unfortunately, this event was abruptly cancelled at the last minute, leaving Fleuri (alongside many other vendors and designers) alone and penniless.

Alas, it didn’t deter her spirit or goals and sitting across the table from these exceptional women, truly brought to light that with hardship comes ease; the truest mercy. Although the events of IMFW left it’s own stains many of us were supremely ecstatic to come together and witness Fleuri’s wonderful designs (skirts, capes, dresses). As an aspiring designer and stylist looking to continue building your brand, it also reminded me that I must, first and foremost, be a sister to these women around me and today’s women.

It became an eye opener for us bloggers, mothers, wives, etc., as we discussed Fashion, designs and business rules, that this industry has a place for all of us as the night went on. We are the inspiration and there’s a platform for us to add something unique and special to this ever growing industry. We also had a chance to meet and converse with Ian William, a fashion designer and coordinator for Fashion shows in his own right. He explained the fashion show industry in greater detail and how to dodge fake shows by asking the right questions.

Fleuri’s explanation that her designs are a way to employ people in her country struggling to find jobs and her belief she feels a great responsibility to find an opportunity for them was the most poignant point that I took away from the entire session. As a woman who loves fashion, styling, fabrics and prints since the age of 5, I had to take a few nights to ponder on the best reasons why I want to create or be part of the creation of modest fashion. Maybe we should all take a step back and think about the reasons. The intentions behind our actions and our aspirations have tremendous repercussions.

Furthermore, we were all reminded of our duty to serve our art/hobby/love/business for fashion with responsibility and care. We have an audience and we have a responsibility to our audience to create, dress and act accordingly to our faith in Allah (GOD). In the end, this is all greater than numbers, facebook and instagram likes. This is a movement of modesty and empowerment in a crucial time where many on TV, Billboards and music strip women of their crowns.

Amazing food, conversations, designs but most of all sisterhood. If there was ever a reason to stay in the fashion industry, to support it and to fund it, it would truly be for the SISTERHOOD.
Thank you to the event coordinators for allowing this event to be open to everyone, may we all share space again, inside and outside of fashion soon.

With Love,
Fahima A

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

“Turbanista Rap”

Turbans have emerged over the years as one of the most creative ways to wrap (cover) your hair.  It’s considered a universal middle ground for all women who enjoy expressing themselves through fashion. They are such a statement accessory that collections like Issa, Andrew Gn, Jason Wu, and Giorgio Armani; to name a few, have introduced the turban wrap onto the runway.

Formally associated with casual attire, they now magnify outfits, and are essential for the bold fashionista. Consider this a daring route for those wanting to bring ‘flavor’ to their everyday fashion ideals.

When it comes to turbanista styles, you can relish in the contrast between a delicate floral print fabric and its robust wrap style, a simple color with a playfully intricate configuration, or take the regal approach and adorn your wrap like the queen you choose to be. The turban fulfills the elegant and ethnic must for your head wrap collection.

When looking to experience your first turban style, understand that simplicity is key until you get the hang of it.  If you’re like me and prefer the softer side of the turbanista experience, let your outfit be the bold statement complimenting a simple head wrap.

Turbans can be worn for every season in the year. Take notice as women bring their head wrap game to work, the grocery store, weddings and even red carpets. Your options are limitless when it comes to fashionable expression.

For the perfect scarf, I personally suggest browsing through your local H&M, Forever 21 or fabric store to try the fun and affordable option or peruse stores like Zara and Mango, if you’re looking for more high-end samples. For turban tutorials, check out Dina Tokio or Winnie Detwa’s YouTube page, Comment or message me and let me know how your Turban experience went! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Peace & Love Ladies,

How is everyone? I pray your all well and BLOOMING, even in this cold weather!

So the other night I had this inspiration to write a blog or a series of blog post on ways to get out of those boring habits we fall into with our wardrobe choices. We start to become comfortable and its a struggle reinventing old pieces into new fashion forward ideas due to many reasons, motherhood, income, time etc

... so a friend of mine who is on this journey said she never knows what I'm going to wear because my looks vary, and she's unable to put me in a box or a corner or even identify a garment and say "YUP SHES WORN THAT BEFORE". Little does she know I fight so hard not to be predictable because I love feeling alive, and Fashion is an art for me.

Evolving with Fashion in London, I learnt quickly roaming in high end boutiques how to add flavor and personality in my outfits and glorify my faith. Now allowing yourself to play and be adventurous in the way you put things together will push your VISION further. WE ALL struggle, so I'm going to introduce Fashion pieces every week  to freshen up your wardrobe.

...I'm sure you have gotten dressed and felt like it was too sensible or predictable, I know I have and you start to see yourself repeat the same color coordinated outfits over and over again. WELL Today is a NEW day but I have to remind you that VISION is the next step and that's all in you, its there for you to find, explore and recreate


One of my Favorite winter buys are capes and I usually carry this trend into the spring. Now if you've ever entertained the idea of buying a cape or a Poncho and you hesitated, Modern Majesty are here to show you how certain items are easy to play with.

...Truthfully I like the idea of being my own superhero and Ponchos/Capes have helped turn everyday looks into some of my great ideas yet. Especially for outwear and as Spring is right round the corner, it may be a wise investment.

Pair them up with some ankle boots, turban style hijab and a bold colored bag and bring colors together, especially for the spring. This is the time to explore white, neon, prints and somehow create a walking collage that is YOU.

Modern Majesty Have taken pictures for you below. If you need any help or ideas please leave a comment or as some of you guys have already done, Facebook message me. Find me under Fahima Abdul.